davidabad is a studio based in the vibrant city of Barcelona, founded by the visionary designer, David Abad.

The studio’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in David’s upbringing and experiences. Growing up around a family metal workshop and being immersed in the urban culture of Barcelona, a city known for its distinctive architecture and Mediterranean ambiance, greatly influenced his creative perspective. This fusion of industrial exposure and urban inspiration forms the cornerstone of davidabad’s aesthetic identity.

David’s design approach seamlessly blends both style and functionality. He skillfully integrates modern technology, premium materials, and meticulous handcrafted detailing to craft design pieces that are not just visually captivating, but also highly functional. Collaborating with various companies in the design industry, David consistently delivers innovative creations that push the boundaries of contemporary design.

However, davidabad is not just a design studio; it’s also a hub of mentorship and guidance. In 2010, David faced a significant turning point in his personal and professional life. Confronted with financial and personal challenges, he transformed adversity into an opportunity for growth. This transformative experience compelled him to develop expertise in crisis management, resilience, and overcoming obstacles.

Now, alongside his design ventures, David devotes a portion of his time to help others facing their own challenges. He extends his knowledge and experience to mentor individuals, fellow designers, and businesses seeking to overcome difficulties. In this unique blend of design and service, davidabad serves as a beacon of creative innovation, personal empowerment, and practical guidance.

Creative Engine

davidabad Design Studio

Creative Engine

Design collaborations

During these years David’s studio has worked on several projects with the most prestigious designers, architects, lighting designers and interior designers worldwide like  Werner Aissinger, Vincent Van Duysen, Jean Nouvel, Carles Ferreter, Jaime Beriestain, J.L Xucla, Hector Fernandez, 8/18 Lighting Design, BM Lighting Design etc… developing designs for their projects or as a editor of their signature design that sometimes have became standard.

We are open to new design collaborations in fiels we currently work and also new challenges, w’ll study each proposals carfully to give our best.

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